About Us

We need your support to support you. We are not here to only support you, but want to work together with you to help you, for our country. We believe that Justice should be made within some time limit. Corruption can be removed by us only, no government can do it. In coming days we will show you how. Who we are, why we want to do all this is not important. Important is our Goal.

We are 125 crore and amongst us there may be say 5 crore people who are connected to govt. directly or indirectly. We balance 120 crore can make India a proud, strong, self dependent country. There are many problems which can be resolved using Technology. If People of India wishes and Govt. acts then it is possible.

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Courtesy : We are thankful to all the people of all-over world who shared motivational thoughts by any means on Internet or any type of publication.